CAUTION: Fat Girl Running!

Although Dead Girl Running might have been just as appropriate a title.  It seems my almost two years of run-free time is now ending.  I’ve spent the better part of my last year and a half eating what I want, not exercising and not caring very much.  Originally, I stopped running and training because of a bad knee injury.  That is long gone.  No excuses left, except that my long distance runner went off to college, and I didn’t even have that to motivate me. 

Nothing like a few vacation photos to get yourself back on track.  See, in December I took my first cruise.  I took shorts and a swimsuit, figuring I knew no one else on the boat, except who I was going with.  At 50, I really shouldn’t care anymore what people think, but somehow it gets into my head and plays with me. 

Our first stop was in the Bahamas at a private island that only the cruise ships stop at.  The water was beautiful, tranquil, warm and it was a Monday.  I reminded myself that back in Cleveland it was snowy, cold and an awful winter.  I had worn my swimsuit under my capris and t-shirt and took those off and spent the day in my swimsuit.  I’m not much of an ocean swimmer, but I did venture in, getting wet, and mostly laying in the sun, where I proceeded to get burned, since I had stupidly forgotten sunscreen!  We took photos and enjoyed ourselves and eventually went back to the boat.  On the boat, we started looking at our pictures, and I had let my friend take one of me in my swimsuit.  Holy lord!  That one was immediately deleted, and I didn’t get back into my swimsuit the rest of the trip.  

Fast forward six months.  I’m still fat, and still not watching what I eat.  I have another cruise coming up in October.  This one with a bunch of friends, none of whom are overweight.  This presents a dilemma.  Either I go the way I am now and try not to care and stick out like a sore thumb, or I do something about this nonsense.  The reality is (again), I don’t feel well at all.  Eating crap makes me, well, feel like crap.  That’s a n0 brainer.  

I signed up for a 5K at the end of August.  It’s one I had wanted to do last year (during my no running/let’s eat everything in sight phase).  However, my best friend’s daughter is doing it, and let me give you a little background.  Last year, she lost 126 pounds and just finished her second marathon.  To say she’s an inspiration is an understatement.  She looks unbelieveable and actually wears bikinis and shorts now!  She’s a beautiful, young woman and I’m glad she got this under control before she got to my age!  

It’s cool and raining in Cleveland this morning.  Yesterday was gorgeous.  I sat around all morning really doing nothing and then finally got dressed and got out my Ipod and running watch.  I decided to hit the bridle trail because, according to my long distance runner, it’s easier on the knees.  I decided to go out for 15 minutes.  I’m not going to rush this thing, hurting myself and getting burned out.  I mean, come on, this is more movement than I’ve done in a year and a half!  Out of those 15 minutes, I ran a good 7 minutes on and off, the longest being a four minute stretch.  

I plan to be ready by August 24th to run the entire 5K.  It may be slow, but I’ve always been a slow runner.  The new running shoes are finally dirty – time to stop thinking so much and just go.

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  1. You’ll be ready! Go you 🙂

  2. Thank you! 🙂

  3. You can Do It! I put a countdown widget on my phone for my trip back home to NY….68 days ack and counting…I look at it when I want to indulge…its great motivation!!!


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