Snug As A Bug…..

Living in the Midwest, I truly understand why bears (which we don’t have here) hibernate.  The winter days are short and I leave for work in the cold and dark and return home the same way.  The cold, dreary days of Cleveland make you want to hibernate in your bed and not come out until springtime.  

For most of us, that’s not an option.  I walk a good part of my commute in downtown during all four seasons, including winter.  That usually means trudging unshoveled sidewalks and streets.  I try to tell myself it’s a decent leg workout for the legs that aren’t running right now!I am quite anxious for spring, and we’ve had glimpses of warmer weather and what is eventually coming.  I was actually motivated to go running this weekend until I went out to the driveway to get my paper and realized it was snowing and the temps were not even the 20s.  Okay, back to hibernating for awhile.  

I gave up my gym membership in the fall, so I don’t have the option of treadmill running right now.  I can honestly say I miss lacing up my shoes and getting out in the park to run – weird, I know, for someone who doesn’t love running.  

In an effort to motivate myself, and force my almost off to college son to spend his last few months with me, I’ve signed us up for two 5ks already.  Our first race will be April 20th, which in terms of actual training and getting back into the swing of things, doesn’t give me a lot of time.  We are usually still having snow in Cleveland in March and oftentimes into April, so once there is any kind of break, I need to be back on that trail!

The other race isn’t until August 10th, but it’s the Run or Dye race that is being held in Cleveland.  It’s not a timed race, it’s mostly for fun, where participants and onlookers throw colored dye at runners and you end up as an art piece at the end!  I’m very excited to do that run and wanted to do it last year, but we didn’t decide to do it until it had sold out.  

My son ran last week, the one afternoon we had temps in the 40s and no snow and told me later how much he missed running.  I knew he would.  Even those of us with that love/hate relationship with it (I love it only when I’m finished – ha), go through the withdrawal of missing the feeling of pushing our bodies to do something it probably doesn’t want to do.   

With that said, I’m anxious for the longer days of spring and summer and feeling my feet hit the pavement.  I’m anxious to stop feeling like a couch potato and work up a good sweat.  I know if I was truly dedicated, I’d find a way to move now – I see runners all the time since I live close to the parks.  My usual thought is, “it’s freezing outside!”  Until then, I’m counting the days to milder temperatures and clear paths.  Then, it will be time to hit the ground running.

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  • Easy Crustless Quiche

    This is a fantastic recipe that is easily adapted to whatever you really love in your quiche.

    7 egg whites;
    1.5 C skim milk
    (for quiche shown)
    Add 1 C chopped vidalia onion (sauteed in oil first)
    1 chopped red pepper (sauteed with onion)
    1 10 oz. box of spinach (also sauteed)

    Heat oven to 450 and bake for 15 minutes; reduce heat to 375 for an additional 30 minutes. During the last 15 mins. add approximately 2 C of sharp cheddar cheese.

    This will yield approximately 6 large pieces, amounting to around 110 calories per piece.

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    Failure is merely a perception; with each effort, we get the ability to start over again.
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