Downward Dog

I didn’t run this past weekend.  I had every intention of going Friday night and then got home late and cleaned instead.  Saturday morning, I was scheduled to begin a yoga class (I’ve never done it before) with a friend of mine.  We got a great Groupon deal and I thought there was no better time to try it. 

I want to tell you that I loved it, but I’m not there yet.  It was not a beginner class, but listed as “mixed,” so we headed over.  I mean, I always envision yoga as challenging, but relaxing also, right?!  Not so much. The instructor made a point after class of telling me that I did extremely well for my first time ever and I felt like I kept up pretty well, even though it was warm in there (it’s a second floor) and I was sweating as badly as if I was running (so was everyone else, so it wasn’t just me), but I could already feel pings of muscle soreness starting.  No big deal, I still planned to run later in the day.

I went home to finish my cleaning, which would be the kitchen floor on my hands and knees.  Perhaps not the best move after just doing about 100 downward dogs in an hour.  I was feeling a bit tight between the shoulder blades, and decided to skip running, even though running has nothing whatsoever to do with that part of my body.  By the time I crawled into bed after a fun Saturday night out, I knew I was going to be very, very sore. 

As I rolled out of bed on Sunday morning, I was very tight between my shoulder blades.  Now, I lift weights and work my back, I’ve never felt muscle soreness like this.  I decide to do some weeding since it’s a beautiful day out – again, my decisions this weekend seem to be disastrous.  Three hours later, I crawled to the bathroom hoping the heat from the shower will help – newsflash, it didn’t. 

I broke down today and stopped after work at a massage studio in the mall where I catch my train home.  I told the proprietor I needed 15 minutes of upper back and neck; she had perhaps the most magic hands I’ve ever felt.  The tightness is still there and I’m going to use the heating pad (from yoga!!!), but I do feel better.  I knew yoga was going to be challenging, but I never expected it to kick my butt like that. 

I have a race on Saturday morning.  I’m worried if I don’t run during the week, it’s going to be awful.  My son, who is running it with me, informed me tonight that he had a great run last evening (4 miles) and when he got home, his knee started hurting and was swollen.  I have a feeling he may be out of this weekend – he’s now icing it. 

This is my year of trying new things and trying to challenge myself.  I’m going to do the 9 more classes of yoga I bought, probably not this week though.  I never expected to be sweating through it or to have such muscle soreness like I did – it makes sense though, I don’t do those moves on a daily basis and of course, I’m going to feel it. 

I’m hoping for less pain every day and for an successful run on Saturday (right now, supposed to be in the 50s and dry).  Regardless of how I finish, I will finish that run.

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  1. Although you never took your run, yoga will probably help you in running in the long run as it really helps stretch you out and tone your body while preventing injuries. Yeah, it can suck at first, esp if you are doing hot yoga or bikram or something as they can get pretty intense, but it’s definitely worth it and after awhile it starts to give you mad endorphins which leave me pretty pumped haha. You should be proud that you powered through in spite of the non-run weekend; you still accomplished a lot and did quite a bit of physical fitness in spite of your soreness!

  2. Thanks for your kind words – a friend of mine that does yoga felt along my back and said “you hurt here? You are stretching your muscles, think of it that way.” I feel about 85% better today unbelieveably and will go back – I can definitely see it has workout advantages!


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