No Waist Here

A funny thing happened along the way.  I used to have a waist, a real “pear” shape.  When I bought jeans, inevitably the waist would have to be taken in, or a belt worn.  In the last few years, I’ve lost my waist.  I mean, I know it’s still there, but it hasn’t been visible until recently. 

Yesterday morning, as I was getting ready to go the gym, I pulled out one of the pairs of workout pants that had tags on them.  What the heck, I thought, let’s try these.  In a moment of pure joy, not only do they fit, they look darn good on me.  I went to the gym with more confidence than I normally have.  My gym is like every other gym with mirrors on a couple of walls in the weights area.  In general, I avoid looking at those.  If I am concentrating on a lifting move, I can (oddly enough) focus only on one body part and sort of tune out the rest of me.  Yesterday morning, I was working my triceps with pull downs and looked over into the mirror by mistake.  Either my new workout pants have some serious spanx in them, or I’m starting to shrink a little.  I even noticed a waist. 

I really have to attribute any body changes to running.  It always changes the way I look.  I managed to shave three minutes off my time yesterday and my new shoes are doing an excellent job with support and my endurance is getting better each time I run.  I SHOULD be running outside with the beautiful weather we are having, but I find myself not disciplined enough to actually make myself run.  Admittedly, while on the treadmill, there’s lots of head talk going on “just get through this song,” “pick up your pace,” “feeling good, no pain,” “come on, you can do it” – those are things I say over and over.  There’s no real thinking going on on my part, which is what works best for me. 

My real therapy begins when I’m lifting.  I have more time to rattle around inside my head and work things out.  When I have Mary J blasting or even Katy Perry, I find myself using the words to talk myself through all those negative feelings I harbor.  Today, Mary J was telling me “Girl, just be yourself,” and I got it.  Katy Perry is reminding me through my new theme song that “you’re not going to break my soul.” 

I’ve mentioned before that I have huge confidence in the gym, and I rarely (if ever) compare myself to other women there.  Strange, isn’t it?  In fact, when I’m running, I picture myself as thin and at my fittest. 

After my workout yesterday, my almost 17 year old and I went to the running store to get him new shoes.  If you’ve ever been to a good running store, they have tons of pamphlets and flyers for every single race for the entire running season.  My son started picking up some and we found a booklet that listed everything for the year in Ohio.  Once home, we started looking through the pamphlets – now remember, I have a race in another month and another one in May – when I said, “you know, we ought to sign up for a race a month until the weather gets bad.”  What?!  What did I say??  Good lord.  Of course, my son who can run three miles in 20 minutes, said “I’d do that with you, mom, that means new t-shirts.”  Arrgh!  We are looking into which race we want to do in June – it may be an evening race, which I think would be pretty fun. 

You know what this means, don’t you?  My waist won’t be hidden for long with a whole season of running – in fact, I’m guessing I won’t recognize myself pretty soon.

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  1. sweetopiagirl

     /  March 18, 2012

    Reblogged this on Inspiredweightloss.

  2. I think you’re on point about that; running will be a tremendous help in losing the extra weight:))

  3. Jennifer

     /  March 18, 2012

    You go, girl!!!!!!!


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