It’s that time of year again.  It’s that time when people decide to start over at the beginning of the year with (sometimes) impossible resolutions.  I love a good do-over, to be honest.  I also like that we get a chance every day to start over – it’s also a little discouraging when it isn’t going my way.

Now that everyone is talking about resolutions, I heard a statistic the other night that 45% of people make “weight-related” resolutions and 39% of those same people know as they are making their resolutions that they will fail within the first three months of the new year.  Why is it so incredibly hard to change?  (more…)


Moving Towards Health

Sometimes things happen in your life which are BIG eye openers.  That was this week for me.  I had been trying to think of a worthy blog post when it came to me.  So, my original idea and what happened this week all ties in together.

As a teenager and into my 20s, I didn’t worry a lot about what I ate.  In fact, during those years I was bulimic, so I ate a lot of crap and then would throw it up.  That pattern lasted into my 30s and by the time I had hit 40, I was overweight, but had seen a therapist for my eating disorder and was keeping calories in (obviously, by my weight gain)!  Anyway, in my 40s, I’ve realized that food should mean more than just being pleasurable – it should benefit you from a health standpoint as well.  Although I’ve been vegetarian for 25 years now, I often eat unhealthy things (sweets, lots of carbs, etc.).  I’ve also come to realize that often times things that are touted as “healthy” by the food market are, in fact, not even close. (more…)

Trial Run

Last weekend, I had good intentions of getting to the gym – I woke up on Saturday and didn’t want to leave the house.  I had no good explanation other than I was tired and it had been a stressful week.  I blew the gym off.  On Sunday, I woke up thinking I’d have a great workout.  I woke up wheezy and not feeling well; again, I blew the gym off. 

I hate when I can talk myself out of things.  I ALWAYS regret the way I feel later.  To make matters worse, I bought myself a gift which I fully intended to utilize.  Yes, I finally broke down and bought real running shoes.  I have no problem spending money on everyone else, but if it’s me, I always cut corners.  There’s nothing wrong with my Reeboks, except that I wear them every single day to and from work (I take the train and therefore, walk more than just to and from my car), and they are worn down.  Every time I’ve worn them lately to run, my shins bother me.  The only way to fix shin splints, by the way, is rest!  So, there would be another week I’d be out of commission.


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  • Easy Crustless Quiche

    This is a fantastic recipe that is easily adapted to whatever you really love in your quiche.

    7 egg whites;
    1.5 C skim milk
    (for quiche shown)
    Add 1 C chopped vidalia onion (sauteed in oil first)
    1 chopped red pepper (sauteed with onion)
    1 10 oz. box of spinach (also sauteed)

    Heat oven to 450 and bake for 15 minutes; reduce heat to 375 for an additional 30 minutes. During the last 15 mins. add approximately 2 C of sharp cheddar cheese.

    This will yield approximately 6 large pieces, amounting to around 110 calories per piece.

  • Thought to Keep in Mind on the Journey

    Failure is merely a perception; with each effort, we get the ability to start over again.
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