Just breathe….

Just breathe – those were the words of wisdom I gave my son when he was frustrated at not being able to run more distance.  I explained that running is a head game and one you play with yourself.  As long as you can get your breathing down, you can do it.  Now, I’m trying to convince myself of those words as I am back to running. 

I woke up tired this morning and KNEW I did not want to work out.  There wasn’t much argument with myself as I knew I just had to get out, do it, and get it done.  I wish this entry was going to be inspiring and tell you that I got to the gym and did my best time ever.  Well, wrong.  I got to the gym still grumbling in my head, but resolving to just get on the damn treadmill and get it done.  I had a ton of excuses to quit today – my lower back was hurting, I’m pms’ing, my right ankle and foot are hurting again – oh, I have it all down.  But I didn’t quit. 

I started out with a walking warm up and then boom, my running song came on next – I wasn’t really ready to be honest.  My mind and body know that once that song gets to a certain point, I have no option, but to run.  So, there we were at 1/3 of a mile in and I was running.  Slow, this morning, very slow.  My ankle kept bothering me and then my back really started bothering me – I slowed down.  I walked for awhile and ran again.  This continued until I reached my 3.5 mile mark.  Not a pretty sight and not a pretty finish.  I shaved another minute off, but it was not even close to enjoyable. 

I have the ability to get right to the brink of something and stop.  That’s what happened today – at one point, I KNEW I could keep going, I knew I should keep going, but I stopped.  I couldn’t get past my own wall of talking myself through it.  And today was not the day that was going to happen. 

I know it’s a mind game and I will be fine.  I’m still tired, I’m ready to shower and I’m going to enjoy the rest of my day.  I am glad that I got my workout in and it’s done.  Tomorrow night, I will be outside instead and maybe my frame of mind will be where I need to be to just breathe through it. 

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  1. Hi there!

    Found your blog via Tag Surfer, and I must say very well done for not choosing the easy way out. Determination is one of the things I hope to once master myself when it comes to weight loss and exercise.. Good luck with the running in the future!

    Best wishes,

    • Thank you for reading and commenting, NavyStar! It’s a long road (metaphorically and physically), but I’ll get there with consistency – thanks for the kind words! N

      • You are welcome 🙂 I will try to keep following your blog more regularly from now on, as I can relate to your writing.

        Best wishes,

  2. I know how you feel. I’m having the exact same day. I found you through runningthriver, and the first post I read, I was like… she’s speaking to me. 🙂

    Keep kicking ass. We’ll get through it!

  3. Thanks, Indie! Glad to have you here – and I agree, we’ll get through it! I have a long weekend planned with LOTS of running involved (gulp)!

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