The (Happy) Mind/Body Connection

This past month has been pivotal for me.  I changed jobs from a place where I went in everyday feeling less than myself and being asked to be someone I wasn’t (primarily a happy at work stepford-wife, which wasn’t happening).  Over the last several years, my self-esteem and confidence in the workplace have plummeted.  There has always been a connection for me between my “thin” self and my “heavy” self and happiness.  I think this is probably true for most people who equate eating and emotional behaviors (as I do).

I’ve been at my new job for a month now and one of the things that I thought would be tempting are the vending machines in the lunch room where I eat lunch everyday.  I haven’t been so much as tempted, which I found odd initially.  Usually if I’m nervous or anxious, food comes into play.  After my first week at the new place, I did notice that I felt more relaxed and happy than I had in a long time and I’d walk right past those vending machines.  In a month, I haven’t been tempted at all.

While I have lost weight during this year, it hasn’t been without effort, until recently.  I wake up feeling refreshed again, not exhausted and am able to go into work, do my job and leave with a happy spirit.  I haven’t been inclined to rush home and fill my face with everything in the refrigerator, weird, right?!

This morning I had another pivotal moment.  I have a fall/early winter jacket that my mother purchased for me two years ago.  I love the jacket, absolutely adore it, but have never worn it.  It’s always been too tight and I’ve never been able to zip it all the way up.  I’ve come to the point (last year and this past summer) that I was going to list it finally on ebay and make some money off of it – even though I love it.  Listen, I’m realistic enough not to wait around however more many years until I can fit into things that are taking up space!!  This morning, I pulled the jacket out and lovingly looked at it yet again.  I took off the hoodie I was wearing and slipped the jacket on, sure it would fit no differently than before.  What’s this?  The jacket went on smoothly and I was able to zip it totally up!  Okay, so there is something to this happiness factor I’ve decided.  In the past two years, I would never have thought of wearing this beautiful jacket and now it fits!  I happily put it back into my closet waiting for the day when I can wear it out one of these weekends now that autumn has arrived.

I’ve always known that my mind/emotional health and being overweight were connected.  During the most depressing parts of my life, my weight has always been up.  In recent years when I thought I was happy, my weight has still been up.  I’ve realized I wasn’t truly happy and my state of mind was not where it should be.  I’m getting there – we always have the ability to change our own lives, even when we don’t always think we do.  Change can be good – it can be challenging and awkward initially, but at the end of the day, it helps us grow and possibly become happier people.  It’s working for me at least…..

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