Pop-Tarts, Donuts and Candy – Oh My!

This is a little known fact about me, but I absolutely love the grocery store!  Ever since I’ve been an adult, it’s been a place where I can purchase food that I wouldn’t necessary make for myself or let anyone else see me eat.  Having children is great – you know, the excuse, “I bought Pop-Tarts for the kids!”  Except, it’s never a flavor they really like and somehow the box is empty after a couple of days.

I’m still learning how to navigate through a grocery store.  This should be simple, right?  When I go grocery shopping and I’m hungry or tired, I find myself drawn to the same old things.  I stopped yesterday evening after a doctor’s appointment to get my shopping done for the weekend.  I went through the fresh produce section and did well, picking up berries, cantaloupe, and fresh vegetables.  There were things I needed from the center of the store and I still stayed on track, getting rice, some pasta, black beans, the staples.  I had to go to the dreaded cereal aisle.  I would say right after the bakery section, THIS is my weakest point of grocery shopping.  I love cereal!  Well, not really the healthy cereal, but things like Lucky Charms, Frosted Miniwheats or Fruity Pebbles!  Not only that, but the grocers are smart, they pair the delicious children’s cereal with things like Pop-Tarts and Breakfast Streudel.  I could live for weeks on Pop-Tarts and cereal alone.  As I walked down the aisle last evening, I stuck to my coupons.  I glanced to my right and there they were, the strawberry Pop-Tarts on sale!  Two boxes for $5 and I was hungry.  And no one would know.  Except me.  I couldn’t do it – in the end, I left them there for the next shopper.  Goodbye strawberry Pop-Tarts, my butt and heart don’t need you!

In the end, I did well, focusing on grains, vegetables and fruits.  My old standby snack of marshmallows snuck into my cart somehow, but that’s okay also.  When I’ve had a hard day, and I can justify it with two large marshmallows worth 45 calories total, it’s been a good day after all.


Lunch Ideas

Quinoa Stuffed Peppers – these freeze well, are healthy, low calorie and great for lunch.  I make a batch for the week and then can take them easily with me.

The Week

Really, as hard as I work out, I should weigh about 110 pounds by now.  I look around the gym, and I swear, I’m the ONLY one dripping sweat!  How is that possible?

I had a really hard and good workout yesterday, and this morning was totally unmotivated to get to the gym.  Maybe I could just sit in the sun instead?  My conscience got the better of me and off I went.  I  had a really great workout, including my cardio portion, which again left me dripping.  I think I’m going to spend the afternoon reading in the sun and relaxing though.

I’m back to logging my food everyday and according to thedailyplate.com, my “sugars” are exceeding what I should be taking in everyday.  I attribute this to either too much fruit or including yogurt in my diet (which I absolutely LOVE).  So, this week, I’m cutting out the yogurt and replacing it with cottage cheese.  I’m not a big cottage cheese fan, but I can get down 1/2 C and feel satisfied.  On tap for lunch this week is a crustless vegetable quiche, which will include spinach, mushrooms and onions and topped with a small bit of cheese.  That should keep me satisfied and it will be relatively low calorie as well.  I should have planned ahead and I could have added a green salad to take as well, but I absolutely despise making and packing a salad for lunch, so maybe it’s better I didn’t think of that.

Back to working out – I wonder how it is that there are some people who are die hard about hitting the gym almost everyday?  I guess I’ve been in that boat where I’ve felt passionate enough to get there.  I’ve been getting a good three days in every week, but should up it, if I ever want to lose the rest of this weight.  I’m going to stay motivated and just remember I’m an athlete in the making.  Either that, or remember the sleeveless dress I’m wearing to a big party next month (where I haven’t seen friends of mine in about 3 years)!  That SHOULD keep me going back.

Crustless Quiche

What Do You Know??

I did what I’ve known for years to do this last week – I counted calories.  I hate doing it, although I also know it’s a necessary evil.  I decided to log my food and activity at mydailyplate.com and was initially informed that in order to lose 2 pounds per week, I couldn’t exceed 1,919 calories for the day.  That seems like A LOT to me.  I’m someone who has existed on 1,200, maybe 1,500 calories/day.  I don’t think I eat all that much, apparently I do.  

Well, I managed to range in the 1,500 calorie/day range the entire week.  I know I need to up my calories at breakfast and lunch because I’m starving by the time I’m heading to the gym.  That’s no good – even with a snack thrown in there.  This week, I’m going to concentrate on getting more breakfast calories in (since it’s an earlier in the day meal) and then seeing how that goes.  

The bottom line is – I did lose 2 pounds this week.  I wasn’t surprised given that I was conscious of what was going on.  You know, I’d love it be 5 pounds a week, but that isn’t reasonable either.  This week, I’m also going to concentrate on varying my menus a little.  I’ll let you know what I come up with, and if it’s anything interesting!

Healthier Options

I’ve discovered over the years that “just” being vegetarian isn’t enough.  It’s the quality of food I’m consuming as well.  My oldest son (18 year this year) wants to be vegetarian, but considers a diet high in carbs as a healthy option, and anything white falls under this category.  Last weekend, I made stuffed peppers with quinoa which were quite fantastic, and he took about three bites before declaring, “mom, I just can’t.”  My feelings weren’t hurt, but my heart was a little.  I want him to be able to look at vegetables and healthy options as something exciting.  

One thing I’ve learned is that new foods are usually an acquired taste.  I can honestly say that at this point in my life I eat the most fruits and vegetables that I ever did (including as a child).  I’ve learned to love the taste and texture of many foods I wouldn’t consider before.  

That being said – what do we eat?  I don’t drink and I don’t smoke, but I will never give up my coffee.  On the weekends when work isn’t a priority, I will have coffee and generally a banana with peanut butter before working out – that seems to give me enough energy to get through the workout successfully and feeling good.  After a workout, I make my own protein shake which consists of:

1 C almond milk
frozen fruits – usually blueberries/strawberry combo
1 banana
2 scoops of whey protein
ice cubes to thickness

All crushed up in my blender that serves as a lunch and meal replacement for a good after workout.  

I cook more now than ever before as well, which is ironic since I’m the only one who lives here 80% of the time.  It’s not only cheaper, but a MUCH healthier option to eating out.  Quite frankly, even in a nice restaurant, I’m not sure what’s going into my food.  At home, I have control.  

For lunch this week, I’m making the fabulous stuffed quinoa peppers with yellow and red peppers.  YES – they are expensive, I agree!  But it’s also a great protein/carb combination and low in calories.  The recipe I have is only 279 calories per pepper.  It’s satisfying and filling.  Along with the pepper, I will include yogurt for dessert and a fruit of some sort – banana or strawberries most likely.  

While I’ve been feeling better from working out and eating well, the pounds aren’t dropping off.  I’d like to think it’s age, but it’s laziness.  I have to log everything I eat and keep within a calorie confine.  I get it.  I haven’t had the motivation to be that diligent before, but this is my summer – my year, to be who I know I am.  It’s time to stop being scared of attention, quite frankly.  The power is within me. 

I’ve Got a Feeling….

I’m back in the gym and feeling great! I need to concentrate more on what I’m eating, but from the standpoint of workouts, they are going well. I love the new gym and thankfully, they aren’t all that crowded yet; either because of new memberships or the fact that it’s summer, but I don’t care. I’m able to go, do my workout and be home at a decent hour.

I’m still nursing my toe injury, if that’s even possible! Grrr! Today, for example, it’s been bothering me all day again – I haven’t really had pain in a couple of weeks at this point. Also, I notice at the gym, I’m still not able to run, and I have to take breaks from the elliptical because it will start to “ache.” WON’T be doing that again!!

In terms of food, that’s going well, but I need to monitor calories. I’m only eating real food, and lots of fruits and vegetables, probably too many carbs at this point. All in all, I expect to look good next month for the wedding and this week have started to keep track of calories, which should make a difference.

There’s an inner athlete in all of us, I believe – get out there and find out what yours can excel at.

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  • Easy Crustless Quiche

    This is a fantastic recipe that is easily adapted to whatever you really love in your quiche.

    7 egg whites;
    1.5 C skim milk
    (for quiche shown)
    Add 1 C chopped vidalia onion (sauteed in oil first)
    1 chopped red pepper (sauteed with onion)
    1 10 oz. box of spinach (also sauteed)

    Heat oven to 450 and bake for 15 minutes; reduce heat to 375 for an additional 30 minutes. During the last 15 mins. add approximately 2 C of sharp cheddar cheese.

    This will yield approximately 6 large pieces, amounting to around 110 calories per piece.

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