Time to Begin

I set up this blog page and then thought a lot about it. I guess by starting to post, I have to take action, which is scary. I guess to understand that statement, you have to know a few things about me.

I’m female and 46 and live in Cleveland, Ohio. I’m overweight; obese, according to my doctor’s charts, and vegetarian. Saying that, I do eat fish and dairy, but no red meat or poultry and have been vegetarian for 22 years. I’ve come to realize a few things about myself – I eat “food” that doesn’t quite qualify as food. It comes out of packages and contains a lot of ingredients that I can’t pronounce or know exactly what they are. And they aren’t necessarily great! I think I’m ready to start an experiment and see how it changes my life, if at all.

I want to commit this coming year (2010) to eating well. I guess that also means getting into the kitchen and cooking most of my food, which I despise doing! I want to concentrate on real food, whole foods – things that make me feel good about myself and what I’m putting in my body.

Last summer, I made an attempt at a small garden in my backyard. I planted way too many cucumbers, most of which developed some sort of disease and didn’t do well. In fact, most of my vegetable garden didn’t thrive. My goal for this summer is to have a much larger garden and to grow most of vegetables out back over the summer. I plan to have a thriving garden this summer, one that I can really use.

I’ve spent a good deal of my life worrying and obsessing about my weight and how I look. From the age of about 15 until I was 35 or 36 I was bulimic and maintained a normal weight. After some trauma in my life, I decided that carrying weight was safer than being noticed, and then stopped worrying about what I ate. For the last seven years, I’ve been decidedly overweight. I don’t like the way I look or the way I feel at all, but I also have a hard time committing to change. I’ll join the gym, go religiously and lose 15 or 20 pounds, and then decide it’s safe to stop. BIG mistake. I gain the weight back and usually more. Not this year – it’s not happening. I’m down 12 lbs since the beginning of the year by watching what I eat and some exercise. Admittedly, I feel better, but I have a long way to go. So maybe instead of eating, I can blog about food and that will be satisfying?! The question is – how do I get that thought of cake out of my head?

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  • Easy Crustless Quiche

    This is a fantastic recipe that is easily adapted to whatever you really love in your quiche.

    7 egg whites;
    1.5 C skim milk
    (for quiche shown)
    Add 1 C chopped vidalia onion (sauteed in oil first)
    1 chopped red pepper (sauteed with onion)
    1 10 oz. box of spinach (also sauteed)

    Heat oven to 450 and bake for 15 minutes; reduce heat to 375 for an additional 30 minutes. During the last 15 mins. add approximately 2 C of sharp cheddar cheese.

    This will yield approximately 6 large pieces, amounting to around 110 calories per piece.

  • Thought to Keep in Mind on the Journey

    Failure is merely a perception; with each effort, we get the ability to start over again.
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